Cobra SSI Wedge Tips
In the game of golf, getting to the green is only half the battle.  It's once you hit the green that the real competition begins.

The Cobra SSI wedge can make you a master of the short game; and every serious golfer knows that the short game # those precious yards between the fairway and the flag # can make or break your handicap.  All you need to get close to the green is a strong swing and a fat driver.  Once you get within double-digit yards of the green, however, a touch of finesse and the perfect club is essential.  The need for concentration and patience are magnified, and the demand for a quality iron is crucial.

That's where the Cobra SSI wedge comes in.  The Cobra engineers craft their irons and wedges with you mind.  They see you standing 80 yards before the green with a monstrous sand trap looming between you and the hole. They know that when you're faced with this kind of adversity, you need every additional bit of confidence you can muster.  Cobra clubs can arm you with all the confidence you need, and maybe a little bit more.

The M Series wedge is one Cobra SSI wedge that can do the trick.  Cobra likes to brag that the "M" in M Series stands for "muscle".  These wedges are crafted with Cobra's famous 431 Stainless Steel, and are designed with the brand's unique "muscle back" heads. The secret to these heads lies in the shift of the club weight. Cobra moves the majority of the weight to the center of the head, rather than the heel. This improves the wedge's center of gravity and guarantees that the club provides a good, solid touch.

Cobra SSI wedges also feature a skid-sole, which can forever put an end to your thin and fat shots. The skid-sole also provides you with improved versatility for your shots, permitting innovation and a greater degree of accuracy around the green. What's more, these clubs have signature Cobra style.  With black and gold nickel-plating, this club is sure to stand out in your bag.

The Cobra SSI wedge is just one of the incredible lineup of irons that can really help to step up your game.  One of the newest and most innovative collections is the line of transition-design 3400 I/XH irons.  These clubs are named because of their transition design, meaning as you move from club to club, each features a different functional shapes.  For example, the "low" #3 to #7 irons have hollow backs, while the "high" #8 to wedge irons have cavity backs.  By far, these clubs feature the most engineering done by Cobra, and perhaps any other golf club manufacturer.

Some golfers will tell you that this is a game of strength and endurance, and hitting the club to the green is the most important element.  Others insist that the real game starts where the green begins.  These smart athletes carry the right clubs, like the Cobra SSI wedge, to finish the game with finesse.