Game Tables Make Good Gifts
People often find it hard to think of good gifts for their loved ones.  And instead of taking the time to really think about what would be suitable for the recipient, the giver all too often ends up "settling" for a last-minute gift that neither party is really happy with.

Well, maybe it is time for a change!  A tactic that I have recommended for years is to stop giving people last-minute gifts, do some planning beforehand, and give a really good gift.  I also suggest that not every holiday or birthday requires a gift.  If you give someone a really good gift, you can consider yourself "off the hook" for a couple of years.  Most of us do not want large volumes of mediocre gifts, but would prefer less frequent, but higher quality gifts.  We are all trying to declutter our homes these days, it seems.

One way to do this is to save your money, and when the time is right, give people long-lasting additions to their home, such as game tables.  A few years ago, my friend got a birthday gift, for which his whole family chipped in to pay, that will stay with him for the rest of his life.  He had always loved going to the pub and playing on the air hockey tables, but had never considered getting his own.  Well, now he is becoming the junior party guru, often having several friends over on weekends for mini-tournaments playing air hockey.  He loves it.

His family purchased from, and were very happy with the whole process.  The shipping was free, and they felt good buying from a company that was founded by four brothers, and is family-owned to this day.  The company has a "no questions asked" return policy, so the buying decision was made much easier.

There are other game tables at Dazadi, and I have an eye on the shuffleboard tables myself.  When I was growing up in the dark cold winters on the prairies, we often went into someone's basement and played shuffleboard.  It seemed a bit corny at the time, but as with many things, age has made the memories seem fonder to me, and I think it would be a great family activity for older and younger folks in our household.  Shuffleboard is not hard to learn or teach, so even if people just drop by, they should be able to pick it up in a few minutes.

If I am lucky, it might even result in more group activities and friendships, like it seems to have done for my friend with the air hockey table.  We can all use more fun and friendship in our lives!  So consider my gift-buying strategy for your own loved ones.  Maybe giving long-lasting, fun gifts will be appreciated by those in your life, too.